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DIOXIN 2019 KYOTO 39th International Symposium on Halogenated Persistent Organic Pollutants - August 25-30,2019 - Kyoto International Conference Center

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Important: Abstract Submission Deadline is Extended.
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Abstracts for Special Sessions are welcome

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Session title
Chairs and/or Organizers
S1. Microplastics as Environmental Vectors for POPs and Additives Dr. Dorte Herzke, Prof. Hideshige Takada
S2. Chlorinated Paraffins – Pollutants of High Environmental and Health Concern Dr. Yasuyuki Shibata, Dr. Takumi Takasuga, Dr. Rainer Malisch, Prof. Ake Bergman
S3. Dioxin Health Hazard in Vietnam Prof. Do Quyet, Prof. Muneko Nishijo
S4. POPs in the Developing World Dr. Bondi Gevao, Dr. Karla Pozo
S5. POPs in Pets and their Applicability as Models for Human Health Dr. June-Soo Park, Dr. Hazuki Mizukawa, Dr. Kei Nomiyama
S6. From Good Science to Good Risk Management Dr. L.J. Seed
S7. The Biotic Exposome of Emerging Flame Retardants in the Global Environment Prof. Stuart Harrad, Dr. Robert Letcher
S8. Legacy and Emerging Flame Retardants: Biotransformation and Bioavailability Dr. Govindan Malarvannan, Dr. Mohamed Abdallah
S9.Flame Retardants in Human Tissues; Implications for Human Exposure Prof. Adrian Covaci, Dr. Mohamed Abdallah
S10. Large Scale Biomonitoring Dr. Tomohiko Isobe, Dr. Shoji F. Nakayama